How to Learn the Violin by Yourself

girl learning to play the violin

The violin is one of the most popular musical instruments which are played in every part of the world. The fanciful and soothing sounds of violin create a magical feel in the environment. The violin is also considered as a classy musical instrument. You can play violin in pop, jazz, rock, classical and metal genres. Hence, the music of violin suits in all genres. You will be surprised to know that every violin presents different musical tone. Musicians have termed violin as the ‘queen of all musical instruments’.

The best part is that children and adults can easily fit themselves into the musical environment of the violin. The piece of music of violin can transport a musician to a different world of music. Children and adults of all age-groups have a fascination for violin. If you wish to get engrossed in the sound of the violin, then you must know the basic techniques of the violin, which can be taught by getting the best lessons in NYC. Do you want to learn the beautiful instrument without attending classes? Yes! You can adopt some basic skills which will help you learn violin by yourself. Take a quick look at how to learn violin all by yourself.

Look for a Suitable Place
Playing violin requires years of practice and determination. You should select a place where you can concentrate on the instrument you are playing. It goes without saying, any musical instrument needs ample of concentration. Hence, you would require a place where you feel serenity in the surroundings to give your best to the musical instrument. Choose a place where you will get sufficient light and adequate space to practice and to place the accessories of your violin and your music stand. Select a quiet location which will not deviate your mind while playing the violin. If necessary, you can create a special space where you will devote your time to the music.

Get a Violin for Yourself
Purchase a right size of a violin. For adults, you can get hold of 4/4 size of a violin. You can get a small size of the violin which is specially designed for children. Make sure you purchase a violin from an authentic seller. To make the violin rightly fit into your arms, an appropriate size of the violin is a must. Therefore, you can measure the length of your arm to get the right size of a violin. Seek recommendations while choosing the size of a violin, if needed.

Obtain the Right Accessories
A violin comes with several accessories without which you will not be able to produce a good sound from your violin. The accessories such as a bow, strings, a case and Orson are the vital accessories of your violin. Get the tuning pegs checked and verified by an expert. Ensure that the tuning pegs are tightly fitted with the soil. Select the correct strings, if you are a beginner.

Pay Heed to the Bow
violin bowCreate enough space between the bow stick and hair. You should turn the end of the screw of the bow in a clockwise motion to tighten the bow. If you have no idea about the space, then you can take help of an experienced instructor to know the exact space which is required while tightening the bow.

The Right Amount of Rosin
To produce a quality sound from your violin, you have to rub the rosin on the bow in upward and downward direction. You have to repeat the process four times. While you rub the rosin, some of the dust of the rosin will get stuck in the hair of the violin which will help emit a clear sound from the instrument. Use a proportionate amount of rosin onto the hair.

Set the Tune
There are two ways to set the tone of your violin to get the proper notes from your instrument. You can either pluck the string or adjust the pegs of the violin which are situated at the top of the instrument, or you can tweak the tunes which are fixed at the bottom of the violin.

Maintain the Right Posture
To bring out a soothing tune out of the violin, you need to know the right sitting and standing posture while playing the instrument. The right position of your hand and the manner you hold a violin will be responsible for producing good sound from your violin. The support of your neck, shoulder, chin and jaw play a pivotal role when you tune in the sounds from your violin. You can seek assistance from an instruction book to know about more on the posture and position parts. To have control over violin and bow, you should opt for open strings. Do not put a strain on the bow. Use a small amount of pressure on the bow.

As you can see, learning the violin can be an easy learning experience. If you don’t want to learn the violin on your own, you can always contact a local music school to teach you the basics.

Importance of Art in the Society

art1Our society is made up of many different people and with different people come different ideas. It is a fact that a man cannot live in isolation, he needs society around him to live a satisfied life. Although food clothing and shelter are the basic needs of humans, the mankind is never happy with just three of them. We need something more which feeds our souls and makes our minds happy and content with thesheer beauty of it. That ’something’ can be called as the art. Art is such a vast term that it encompasses many things in its meaning. If we want to define the word art, we can say that anything which is the expression of the feelings and ideas of an artist in a visual, or audio or written form, can be called as an art. So music is an art and so is dance. Writing is an art and so is painting. Sculpting is and art and so is crafting.

Over the years, the concept of art is evolved and in the modern world, there are many waysart artists can express himself or herself. The art is different for everyone as it is a matter of interpretation of the person interacting with it. So the perception of the artist and perception of the art lover of the same object of art can be totally different.However, one thing is sure that whichever expression of creativity makes us think, feel and relate can be called as art. We can say that art came into existence when the first caveman or woman drew some drawings on the walls of caves with the help of naturally available material. Since then, the art has come a long way to emerge as it is now. Although there are many types of art in the world, we can try to looselycategorise them in three types of art.

Types of art

  • Visual Art

Visual art means all the arts which can be enjoyed by the society in it visual form. So painting and photography can be considered as the visual arts. Sculpting will also be called as a visual art and at the same time, even Architecture will also be part of visual art. This is because the architects create beauty which has practical uses.

  • Performing arts

Another category of art is called as performing arts such as dance, singing, music and theater. They are called as performing art as artists perform their art in front of the audience to express their feelings as well as creativity.

  • Interactive arts

The third category can be called as interactive arts as the artist are trying to interact with the audience or art lovers through theexpression of their creativity. Writers, filmmakers are such artists who are creating a communication with the readers and the audience.

As we can see that there are many ways in which a human being can express his or her feelings, talents or creative urges and all the forms of such expression will be termed as art. The art and the culture which has evolved over the years have made our society a society in the true sense of the word.